"Own who you are"

Angeliyah Webster is an 18 year old from Youngstown, Ohio her goals are to get involved with the entertainment industry and inspire people along the way. She has had a long and rough journey trying to get there. " Ever since I was a little girl this is all I have ever wanted, not for the money but simply to do what I love and inspire others while doing it."   Her biggest opportunity was being featured in break through artist Alex Angelo's music video "Run It Back"  "Working with Alex was a huge thing for me and I thank him for giving me the opportunity to work with him and be on set with him, because it is going to help me get further opportunities." Angeliyah has done little things in the entertainment industry but she thinks of that as a positive thing " Yes, I have done small things and had to teach myself some stuff because things are rough for me, I cannot really afford lessons or things like that, so I find small opportunities and I surround myself with people that are educated on anything performing arts & business, everyone grows in different ways that is how I grow, I enjoy working hard for things and getting through the next level especially if I enjoy what I am doing." Angeliyah has been seen by big people and professionals and they absolutely have nothing negative to say about her, people really enjoy her company. " I love love love meeting new people and making new friends, it makes me grow as a person and it improves my confidence." She even is thinking about making a local performing arts project for kids that struggle. "I wanna create something that will make a difference and support young adults dreams and give them opportunities, I wanna bring together people who know what they are doing when it comes to performing arts and I wanna bring people who maybe wanna learn about it more all together so we can learn from each other and accept each others differences, a lot of kids struggle and can not afford things like lessons just like me so I wanna bring it to them for free and I wanna make a difference. Helping people has always been something I love to do."  Angeliyah still has a long road ahead of her she refuses to give up on her dreams no matter what challenges come her way. " I am more than ready to get out there and do what I love, this is what I am made to do, and I believe in myself that I will get there. I just want to thank my friends and family who support me through it all. I am really improving and working the best I can there isn't any stopping now, I am ready for this next chapter of my life, I am ready to prosper and work hard no matter what" - Angeliyah