Have you been to casting calls? 

- I love being a part of castings, I have been to many casting calls throughout the last few years. I am very much looking forward to doing many many more.

Any experience with ads/print ? 

- I do not have to much experience with print but would absolutely love to do it, why not? 

Are you willing to travel and work?

  • I am willing to travel if it is a great opportunity but due to the fact I am not 18 years of age yet I can't really just travel on my own i'd have to work that out with my family because they are a huge part of what I do.

Would you like to get payed? 

  • I would absolutely love to get paid! who wouldn't? lol. If I am doing what I love and I am getting paid there isn't any complaining for me. But sometimes I take some cool and decent opportunities for free. 


Have you modeled for anyone ?

- I have not been part of an agency yet but hoping to be very soon, I have been to modeling agency's and castings but it was more of just a visit and they took head shots and asked questions.

Have you ever had head shots done? 

- Yes I have plenty of head shots and professional photos done

Do you enjoy working in front of the camera? 

- I love the camera I am very confident, I love to smile and I go with the flow I have no problem being in front of the camera. I love working with directors and photographers. Anything I have done in front of the camera has been successful. 



Do you have any experience in dance?

- I actually taught myself how to dance, I am not the greatest but I look up videos on choreography's and things like that. It is pretty easy for me to vibe to something if I enjoy it! I also have been surrounded by dancers for many years now so I learn from them. 

Have you met or worked with any choreographers? 

- I know choreographers and dancers but have done little work with them. I would love to work with choreographers though. Dancing is something I really enjoy. I'd love to be further educated when it comes to dancing.  

How are you when it comes to fashion? 

- I have always been told I know how to dress and present myself. So I believe when it comes to fashion I am pretty good at it. 

Are you good at following directions? 

- I believe I am pretty well at following directions, I am a person who does not like when things go super quick to the point to where I can not keep up, but if things are explained well and go at a decent pace I have no problem, and I have no problem asking questions to understand better.   



Would you promote products /become an influencer?

- Good question! I would totally do that! it is something I have been wanting to do, I was actually recommended by many people to become an advertiser/ influencer. I am actually going to be working on that real soon! So if you would like me to promote your products, hit me up! 

What life advice would you give your supporters or to people who may need it?

Something I have always lived by is keep going no matter what, you should never let anyone or anything stop you because you may be different or don't have as much as other people. I was raised to go after what I want and make the best of it, and that is exactly what I am doing. We all go through rough things in our lives, I myself has had to face some of the toughest battles. But I think of it this way, nobody knows you best but yourself, you kinda have to live by what you know is best for you, follow your dreams! The hard patches in your life should only make you stronger and push you to work harder. Bad things will happen, things will go down hill once in a while and not everyone is going to like you and that is something I realized big time, you should never worry about those things because if you are making yourself happy that's all that should matter.


Have you gotten involved with acting in your school plays?

- I have tried the whole acting thing in high school, but high school play is a lot different from the acting I actually want to do, I did not really enjoy the process of that , I am more of a person who likes to work in front of the camera, although I do love musicals. 

Have you ever worked with any big professionals ( directors/ artists/  agents) ?

- Yes I have, ever since I was little I have always bumped into some amazing people and I still do today. I recently got on file with Mosser Casting which is so exciting because I can get opportunities. Last summer I worked with musical artist Alex Angelo who works with some pretty big people himself and has been in the spotlight, it was really fun working with him and he is a super nice person. The director that filmed "Run It Back" by Alex Angelo has also worked with some pretty huge artists and met them like Machine Gun Kelly.

What type of acting can you do? 

- Music videos is a huge thing for me I enjoy that so much, it is really fun and easy to vibe to. Although I have never been in a commercial I believe I am capable of doing them. I am not the greatest with big roles, I want to mainly start off with easy acting like doing extra work or having a few lines, I believe starting off easy will build your education and confidence into further acting and actually getting that "big part".


Do you have any experience in Photography?

- Yes I have plenty of experience with photography I believe I take really good photos. Not only that but I know tons of photographers. I really just use the resources I have. 

Do you want to make your own music at some point? Do you plan on it?

  • Yes, I plan on making my own music eventually but not at this moment. I don't have the professional equipment to do so. I also don't feel as if my body and voice is prepared for that yet. But learning more about music and finding the right techniques and tools is on my agenda.



 What made you interested in the entertainment industry?

  • When I was little I was always watching movies, award shows, music videos, listening to music constantly and even went to many live shows, and I still do the same thing today. I just simply love the art of acting and music, it makes me so happy and it still does today. Watching people in the industry and doing what they do is what made me very interested in doing the same thing, but in my own way of course. All of it is just so inspirational and I absolutely admire the art and different creativity people have, realizing what they do and realizing how much confidence the people in the entertainment industry have, there wasn't a doubt in my mind that's what I was made for. This is something I have always wanted to get myself involved in, it is a deep passion and aspiration of mine. I am absolutely in love with performing arts and the entertainment industry. I really hope I reach that goal because I want to have a purpose and make myself happy, not only that but help others, make others laugh and put smiles on peoples faces. I want to be able to show my own creativity and personality and how I do things one day to many others, I want to share and inspire. I want my voice to be heard. 
  • Who inspired you?
- A ton of people has inspired me and helped me get through life, like Beyonce' , Ariana Grande, August Alsina, Sam Smith, Bella Thorne, Nicki Minaj, Shailene Woodley, Cold Play, Ansel Elgort,  Emma Stone, Tinashe, MGK, Demi Lovato, Jahseh Onfroy, Miley Cyrus, Alex Angelo, Max Schneider, Dave Meyers, Selena Gomez, Travis Scott, Aaliyah, Michael Jackson, Usher , even people in my own family and so many more, the list goes on and on... But i'd have to say Chris Brown is my main inspiration for everything I do, people like to throw his name in the dirt, but we are all human and not perfect, I try to focus on the positive and good things about people, Chris Brown is truly extraordinary, that man can do almost everything! he paints, sings, dance, & acts all at once! he can play basketball, he can play any instrument and has a killer clothing line! I mean what can that man not do? Growing up I admired all of that, his music and art is just so unreal and phenomenal, not only that but the things that he has been through and how resilient he is and how much hard work he puts into things, truly inspires me. Music and art, there is just something about it, all the pain I been through, at points in life I hated myself and felt so stuck, but music, art and even the people I've mentioned above manages to keep me going in life! Music and art saved my life and it truly is something I could not live without! It is like my medication! It is just simply beautiful, and that's why I love it.